Yarrow Mazzetti has an obsession with the creation of space and experiences. He is a passionate fabricator known for taking blank canvases and transforming them into an awe-inspiring spectacles. His creations span from art cars and customized adult playgrounds to unique furniture and architectural designs.

In 2012, after building multiple one-of-a-kind art cars, Mazzetti decided to create an entire fleet known today as The Lady Buggies. With 15 in total, The Lady Buggies have covered a lot of ground in their one year of existence. The fleet has appeared at festivals such as Burning Man, Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Lightning In A Bottle and many more.

Aside from art cars and playground environments, the artist has created high-end home and furniture. Mazzetti has designed unique houses on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, highlighting his incredible talent to blend style and utility beyond imagination.

His skilled technique in design is founded in woodwork. Over the years, Mazzetti has created special wooden pieces for both commercial and residential environments using innovative approaches to a classical craft. It is Mazzetti’s belief that through his art and design work he can captivate and inspire people. It is this belief that continues to fuel his unwavering passion. For more photos of Yarrow Mazzetti’s creations, please visit OverkillMovement.com.