Stonehenge has surpassed its traditional role by partnering with New York artists Shannon Shiang, Peter Ruprecht and Yarrow Mazzetti to convert one of its retail spaces into a venue for artistic endeavors and a creative zone for the imagination.

Experience IMAGINE — an exhibit that is nothing more and nothing less than the word implies.

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New York artists, Shannon Shiang, Peter Ruprecht, and Yarrow Mazzetti have partnered with Stonehenge to convert one of it’s retail spaces that has traditionally been unattainable for artistic endeavors into a creative zone for the imagination.

We invite you to come experience a creative cauldron mixing the creative forces of talented artists and Stonehenge’s visionary business model.

IMAGINE is the safe haven for the Imagination. The imagination is the most peculiar part of the human experience. It seems to separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom and creates a lit path by which our destiny follows.

“Imagine” as a space will be nothing more and nothing less than what the word implies. Imagine is a verb…indicating action. One needs nothing more than imagine to be transported inward or outward to other lands, philosophies or concepts.    -  Shannon Shiang

Imagine will be a place that allows individuals to be transported to other places inspired by the collections of work within its walls.

Imagine will house the works of Shannon, Peter and Yarrow for the two months, with a new guest artist exhibiting along side their work every week.

Through these works in steel, wood, projections, canvas, photography, sculpture, furniture, experimental installations and jewelry, the artists express the physical manifestation of the imagination. Come and allow yourself to be transported and explore the inner workings of these artists’ unique senses of imagination in the setting provided by Stonehenge.